The idea of ​​glass decoration comes from the vision of a young Umbrian creator who wanted to take the ancient art of the engraver, transferring it to a more modern and current vision of ornament on glass. The result of this fusion of styles and knowledge is the creation of design objects, refined and original.

Start with high quality raw materials, then decorate with a very fine diamond-shaped engraving, made entirely by hand with the help of a small cutter. It is possible to decorate oil bottles or jars of jams with auspicious phrases concerning love, life, family.

In this way, objects are created that are suitable for use as gift ideas, favors or simply as beautiful containers.

The objects are personalized by hand, at the request of the customer. The very thin groove that is created on the glass structure is like a "scratch". This type of decoration allows the container to be washed safely both by hand and in the dishwasher. The decoration is made entirely by hand. Each piece is "unique" and can satisfy the minimum and detailed request of the customer.

A minimum order is not required for the commission, each piece can be absolutely unique.

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